a new noise of the collective mind


Haxbli is a copyleft audio hardware and software project founded in 2021 by Karl Schultheisz. Check out our project hub to see what we’re working on. Haxbli is also for hire.


2021 09 03 Haxbli has a new home
2021 07 23 Haxbli's business model
2021 06 11 We need copyleft audio interfaces
2021 06 04 We need copyleft synthesizers
2021 05 19 haxb.li has migrated to sourcehut pages.
2021 02 19 Our website works pretty well.


Email Karl at k@haxb.li. Discuss Haxbli on the mailing list. Development discussions occur on haxbli_dev. This website has an RSS feed, too.

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